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Thinq.AI is a consulting company specializing in real-time processing and Artificial Intelligence.Many business issues can be solved with the use of data science and neural networks.

Big Data optimization

Are you not using your Hadoop cluster optimally? Thinq.Ai helps customers optimizing their environment. Wether it's on AWS EMR, Azure HDInsight, Google Cloud Dataproc, on prem HDP, Cloudera or MAPR. Thinq.Ai can optimize your cluster with YARN, Spark and Hive settings to speed up your big data applications.


Accelerate calculations with Cuda 10 using Tensorflow. If you have special hardware, Thinq.Ai help you building anNeural networks and Deep Learning have an enormous potential. With the increase in computational performance this technology is now accessible to us all. By GPU and TPU acceleration anyone can train their neural networks.


Need help with self driving AI, H2O Sparkling water.

RStudio Server and Shiny

  • Google's Tensorflow is a great example of a tool that enables this technology for everyone.
  • RCNN
  • LSTM

Big Data

The massive amounts of data being generated on the Internet requires new ways to process.


IT in Telecommunications is undergoing a huge transformation. Big Data is replacing or augmenting current BI and data analysts are becoming data scientists.


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